Gary L. Wackler2/18/2018
"What's Your Excuse?" Luke 9:57-62 (ESV)

Gary L. Wackler2/11/2018
"Who's for Jesus?" Luke 9:46-56

Gary L. Wackler2/4/2018
"The Greatness of God" Luke 9:37-45

Gary L. Wackler1/28/2018
Singspiration with many other church participants. Hear songs and a short message, "Why Do We Go to Church?"

Gary L. Wackler1/28/2018
"Worship in the Mountains" Luke 9:28-36 (ESV)

Gary L. Wackler1/21/2018
"Confession and Consequences" Luke 9:18-27

Gary L. Wackler1/14/2018
"Jesus' Multifaceted Ministry" Luke 9:1-17 ESV

Gary L. Wackler1/7/2018
"Two Incredible Healings" Luke 8:40-56

Gary L. Wackler12/24/2017
"Advent from God's Perspective" John 1:1-14; Hebrews 1:1-4

Gary L. Wackler12/17/2017
"Advent from My Perspective" Matthew 2:1-12